San Carlo Theatre and Vanvitelli University, opportunities and discounts for the academic community

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Possibility of internships for students and discounts on season tickets and ticket reductions for the entire academic community of the Vanvitelli University. The agreement between the San Carlo Theatre and the Vanvitelli University has been renewed, with the aim of developing research and disseminate activities of common interest such as the enhancement of the local territory, social inclusion and cultural development combining scientific knowledge with artistic-cultural knowledge in support of the local community and active citizenship.
The San Carlo Foundation and the University are mutually committed to sharing institutional national and international projects.

Furthermore, the San Carlo Theatre offers discounts for season tickets to the entire academic community and tickets at a reduced price or at particularly advantageous conditions.

On the other hand, the University collaborates with the Foundation for the promotion of the activities of the San Carlo Theatre in relation to the scheduled performances and promotions dedicated to the University, through its mailing list, its website, and any other information tool, both online and offline, that may be useful for the purpose.

The Foundation will also allow students of the Vanvitelli University to carry out internships within its premises, on the basis of specific agreements that the Parties will sign for this specific purpose.

Further promotional initiatives may be agreed from time to time based on mutual goals.

San Carlo Theatre - Agreement (in Italian)