Caserta University Polyclinic: the construction site reopens

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The agreement between the University, Condotte and Mise has been signed

Caserta, 12/17/2020 - The construction site of the University Hospital of Caserta, one of the most important public works underway in the South of Italy, reopens. The transaction between the University of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli, Condotte, in extraordinary administration and Mise, has been signed today. The site will reopen its doors to complete, in a short time, a work considered strategic for the city of Caserta and for the entire Campania region.

Work will resume within thirty days from today. The work must be completed within 32 months.

The teaching block will be finalised within 20 months.

The long and complex negotiations conducted between the parties with the assistance of the institutional bodies in charge, once the organisational, legal and financial difficulties were overcome, thanks also to the interventions of the MUR - Ministry of University and Research -, the Ministry of Health and the Campania Region, made it possible to reach a particularly significant result not only from a scientific, health and educational point of view, but also from that of employment and more generally social recovery.

This result has also been reached thanks to the support of the Governor of the Campania Region, Vincenzo De Luca, who has repeatedly urged the resumption of work, fully aware of its relevance.

"We are at a turning point - said the Rector of the Vanvitelli University, Gianfranco Nicoletti - It is time to start again and collect the results of the work and commitment of many, including that of my predecessor Giuseppe Paolisso, who have set the conditions necessary to achieve the objective in absolute compliance with the regulatory provisions that have always inspired the action of the governing bodies of the University and of the Condotte Company".

The project remains unchanged from its original version:

The structure will be developed on an area of 250 thousand square metres and when fully operational it will host about 350 beds and a student population of about 5 thousand people.

Great satisfaction also expressed by the extraordinary commissioners of the Condotte Group Giovanni Bruno, Gianluca Piredda and Matteo Uggetti. "An important work for the Country, one of the most consistent investments for Condotte. We have already set up the organizational team for an immediate start of the work, providing the necessary financial resources. We are also happy to have achieved the goal of guaranteeing existing employment levels, which will progressively increase with the progress of the work”

The assistance block will be divided into 5 independent buildings, interconnected by a single transverse connecting element; the structure will cover a total area of 68,500 square metres and will house an access area to the emergency room with heliport.

The buildings intended for teaching and research will be developed on a total area of about 60 thousand square metres.